The KILLoids

                                                             THE KILLoids

                The KILLoids are a group of UTAUloids created by Akira and Kaira who have a series of either problems, unique personality, or aren't even human. There are five males and two females in the group. 

                                                            CHI TSUKIKO

Age: 16 (but looks younger)
Gender: Female
Height: "5,4'
Weight: 50lbs
Model: KILL-06x (though she is the first ever KILLoid)
Character Item: Spiked club/Pomegranate

Personality: Tsukiko is described by her friends as a laid back Tsundere. She loves stalking Rook and thinks of Yokune Ruko as her teacher, and calls her Ruko-sensei. Tsukiko is also known as Bipolar due to the Kill Mode she enters when angered. She spends most of her spare time eating or hiding from  her stalker ROKU.
Though Tsukiko usually shows her Tsundereness, she is very affectionate,especially towards her boyfriend.

Vocal Range: ?
Likes: Candy,sleeping,cats, and horror movies
Dislikes: Perverts and Spicy food
Catchphrase: 猫、猫、どこでも/Neko, neko doko demo/ Cats, cats everywhere (refers to her love of cats)


Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: "5,0"
Model: KILL-10x
Character Item: Rabbit Doll/Lolipops

Personality: Su-Ho is a young boy who loves pretty clothing and objects. He is a cross-dresser and prefers to be addressed as a "her/she ect.", though he doesn't mind when people who know he's a boy refer to him as one. Su-Ho think of Tsukiko as his older sister and sees her often, due to the fact that he is Nel's cousin and visits him almost everyday. Su-Ho is into girls and has a huge crush on a fellow, female KILLoid. He can be classified as a shota but prefers not to be called one.

Vocal Range:?
Likes: Cute things, his friends, and people who don't judge him 
Dislikes: Smart-Asses,people who judge him for crossdressing, and bullies.


Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: "5,11"
Weight: ?
Model: KILL-11x ( But his name means six)
Character Item:
Food: Tomatoes
Item: Pitch Fork

Personality: A quiet guy with a love obsession with Tsukiko. He loves stalking her, looking at the thousands of pictures he has of her,and stealing her underwear. ROKU is a Yandere, so he dislikes it when other people are around her. ROKU believes Tsukiko should grace him with her presence and attention. He hates Akuma Nel and wishes to kill him, but knows he can't for he will lose Tsukiko completely. When he's not being a stalker he loves reading romance novels and sewing clothing and stuffed animals. ROKU is also know by the other KILLoids as being an extreamly good cook, Masa says he may be an even better cook than Nel.

Vocal Range: ?
Likes: Tsukiko,cooking,romance novels,and sewing.
Hates: Nel

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